Flow Diagram Software

Pacestar implies a focus on efficiency both in product development and in conducting business.

WizFlow sets the standard for Flow Diagram Drawing Software. WizFlow lets you define shape styles using over one hundred predefined shapes and arrowheads. You can save your own styles in diagram templates if you prefer your own methods. WizFlow comes with complete flowcharting templates to get you started. WizFlow can create flowcharts and similar diagrams with minimal effort on your part. WizFlow connects lines to figures and attaches labels to lines while you draw your diagram and remembers these relationships and adjusts automatically when you move objects around. Wizflow can also adjust the size of a shape when you add text to it.

The New Diagram Wizard feature of WizFlow makes it easy to select from a range of color schemes and diagram sizes without the need to create a custom diagram template. It also provides a simple mechanism to change a diagram's font and text size throughout the entire diagram if needed. Use of the wizard is optional and not all diagram templates support color schemes and preset sizes. You will not find any other Flow Diagram Drawing Software with the amount of features that Pacestar WizFlow Flowcharter offers for the price. WizFlow is suitable for computers with Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP, Vista or later. WizFlow is shareware and you can download a demo from the company site to be sure the product will work on your system as well as to "get a feel" for the program and see if it will fit your needs.

If you only need to do flow charts for your business, you may not wish to purchase an expensive program designed for all diagram charts. Flow Diagram Drawing Software is a more economical solution. It does one thing and does it well, create flow charts. One of the best Flow Diagram Drawing Software programs on the market is made by Pacestar, an Arizona company which specializes in diagramming software solutions. Their product, WizFlow Flowcharter is an easy to use and feature rich flowchart and diagram drawing tool for Windows.

Pacestar Software has been in the business of providing standard setting diagramming tools for professional needs since 1990. Located in the scenic southwest desert near Phoenix, Pacestar's management team has been at the cutting edge of Windows software development almost since the beginning. As the industry continues to grown and expanded, they have developed a unique ability to keep the product focused on customer requirements rather what is consider popular or the "in" thing at the time. This bottom line approach is reflected in their company name as well.